maandag 29 juni 2020

We only have few weeks left


my name is Aneta. My son, Arthur born January 5th 2020, has an innate health concern, namely – the congenital malformation of the cranial suture. A head surgery is badly needed. It has to be preceded by a series of costly consultations, medical examinations and planned rehabilitation. We find it difficult to cover all the expenses on our own. We only have few weeks left!

We live modestly, we do not have our own place to live, and the usual payments to be made drain a large part of the household budget. We fight for Artur's health as fiercely as we can, but we will not manage to do it on our own. The little boy does not even know how much more he has to go through to regain full health …
Every day is vital. Time flies, and that is why we ask you from the bottom of our heart to help Artur recover. Your help is our only chance,
Aneta, the mother
The CEO of the Charity DOES NOT earn a salary for his executive work.
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