zaterdag 23 januari 2021


The Federal Reserve just received confirmation this morning that your inheritance funds($25millionusd) from Central Bank of Malaysia which was put on hold by the United States Treasury Department has just been released for transfer to your nominated account.

However,we received a certified payment instrument from the Office of Foreign Asset Control(OFAC) in your favor containing your personal details and a new receiving account in the name and favor of your financial representative and partner, Mr. Robert Brown claiming to have document signed by you prior to your demise for him to receive the funds($25millionusd)on your behalf.

Please kindly confirm if the account information are correct to receive the funds,

Bank Name: U.S Bank Trust, N.A, MN;
Swift Code: USBKUS4TCOR;
Routing #: 121122676;
Account Number: 153459581457;
Account Beneficiary Name: Robert Brown;
Beneficiary Address: 5021 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

As a matter of fact,the has made commitment to pay the $2,500usd cost of transfer(C.O.T) this week to complete the transfer of the funds.

Please if you are alive,respond so that we can stop this man,your long silence has allowed the bank to believe you are indeed dead but i am sure you are alive and well,please don't loose this opportunity to get your funds.

Ensure to confirm your information to the Federal Reserve for onward transfer of your funds($25millionusd) immediately at my private email below.

Contact person:Mr Jerome Powell

Its important to state that our devotion and obligation remains to facilitate quick transfer of your funds so we will appreciate your affirmative response.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Jerome Powell
Under-secretary Financial Surveillance

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